Awards are for giving and taking or for that matter, of winning and losing. People know it all but what they do not feel for being the people for whom the awards trophies are for making and selling. Companies or enterprises who produce glittering Award Trophies that add glitter to the dazzling ceremonies, generally remain in the domain of the neglected. They get their price and remain happy as their creations lighten up the showcases of renowned and glamorous personalities of the world.award trophies

People these days cannot expect to be awarded with an olive leaf and a bouquet of flower for winning a first or second position in the Olympics. A Dutch Prince does not like to be awarded only the head of the lion that he has valiantly hunted. Trophies have come to be closely associated with awards for commendable and exemplary performances. The recipients love it to be said with trophies which can be loved, hugged, kissed and preserved for ages to come. Awards and Trophies are concrete and tangible souvenirs who pronounce the story behind it even after the humanity has pushed the achievement into oblivion and even when the winner of the trophy lives no more to proudly retell and relive the moment of reckoning in the company of his/her grandchildren.

There are famous and internationally established companies who create Trophies and Awards for prestigious awards like the Oscars, Grammys, Bookers’ and thousands of heart winning performances almost every day at some corner of this small world. These top awards of the world need fitting trophies to fit into the graceful hands of the superman or superwoman. A trophy is not a product of mass production, nor it is to be produced again ever in this world. Each one is unique and one and only of its kind to go to the home of the only man on earth who deserves it. This proves the challenge and the thrill that is associated with the designing and crafting of a trophy. The design has to be delicate, the material used to shape up the imagination of the conceiver has to be fitting and the crafting has to be done in all secrecy by artists of very high caliber. Secrecy is the key thing in this job as the Award Trophy will see light only when the moment comes and the world will bow to the winner and the trophy together.

Apart from big trophies millions of trophies are won every day on this earth by achievers in the fields of sports, music and dance, films and theatres, education and research, science and technology and in every sphere from a cosmonaut to an ocean diver. Award Trophies have to be made for all of them and that, too, befitting them. Concepts for innovative trophies have to be in plenty and creativity faces a real challenge. Medals and plaques are flooded in the markets. Crystal and acrylic creations win hearts of both the givers and the takers

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