Nowadays, the achievement trophies and corporate awards have become very much popular and quite recently it has become quite a familiar name to all the companies. Awards and trophies infarct were around for more than a thousand years from now,but its familiarity has won over hearts quite recently. And the example is about the Olympic Games.achievement trophies

Although the trophies and awards received in Olympic Games can best be considered as ‘laurel wreath’ but it carries more prestige within its wreath than the gold medals that is received nowadays from the same event. One cannot deny the fact that whatever trophies or awards have been awarded to winners demonstrate about the importance throughout the history of human within a group or individual recognition. Interestingly, one can find the steady curve of the refinement of trophies that got awarded overtime to the champions. As it has been discussed in the above part, the laurel wreaths stand as the first ever trophies who got awarded in the Olympic Games but with the evolution the significance of awards become all the more standardized.

History of trophies and awards:

During the ancient times as a token of award people use to gift precious olive oil filled within the vases. These were gifted to the winners during those times in the Olympic Games. But later this got a little modernized where the vases came up on tripods and a bronze shield and these two became all standard. Sometime later, it was the silver cups that were given as a mean of prestige to the winners with their individual achievements.

During the ancient times of the Roman period, the award trophies were much more significant where trophies were given as a replacement of money,and this was given especially as a mean of the award during the gladiator contests. But the achievement recognition remained the same from those times to now on. Even during the Middle Ages that used to get hold in England sporting events used to be rewarded with chalices. A chalice is made up of some precious kinds of metals. Archers used to compete in this kind of prestigious events that got hosted by all the members present within the royal family. Even in this archer event the local lords have their participation. The local lads used to participate in getting recognized for their establishment.

All through the human history, Symbolic gestures have become one of the common threads and its trophy has become one of the most significant parts and its significance has won over hearts not in Western culture only but worldwide as well.

As time flying too many things are getting changed, in fact almost everything is experiencing change but one thing remains absolutely unchanged. And that is honoring the winner. Although the procedure has experienced alteration or the type of trophy, but the way of honoring remained the same.

Hence is a story about the achievement trophies. Too many things to unveil. So if you really want to reveal its long history, then you need to dive into the deep ocean of uncertainty, then make it sure that there is much to explore.

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