Award trophies are highly prized by those who receive them, therefore, it is but right that they are well designed and planned and obtained in advance. The design of award trophies depends entirely on the occasion for which they are planned.

golf trophies sydney For instance, academic trophies and awards are usually in the form of desk wedges. Since academicians spend a great deal of time at their desks, a desk wedge is a good reminder of what they have achieved and what they must strive for. These desk wedges may be made of marble or wood. Wood, again, may be of various types. Most often, walnut or rosemary wood is used. Some award trophies are not desk wedges, but can be placed on desks. One such popular award trophy is a lamp of knowledge fixture or a knowledge globe. Some academic awards can be worn and not placed on a table. These are medals, also common among academic achievers. These may have special design features. For example, a trophy for achievement in math may have an emblem of a calculator and mathematical signs while a science medal may have symbols of telescopes or test tubes, highlighting the subject in which the achievement has been made.

Sports awards, trophies, on the different hand , are a totally different ball games. They often display a sportsman on a pedestal. The sportsperson, naturally, is seen to be playing the sport for which the achievement has been made. So a baseball player who receives a trophy will have to be reminded of the sport he or she is distinguished in. The awards trophies are not just for the sportspersons themselves. Cheerleaders get awards too. Their awards too, signify the sport that they have excelled in and frequently have a plaque with the figure of a cheerleader mounted on it.

Apart from the academic and sports awards, there are award trophies for every conceivable thing. There are now sydney awards and trophies for karate and other martial arts, for mascot awards and music awards. There are service award trophies and military awards. All the awards are mostly made in the form of a plaque or a medal or a trophy that can be placed on a table or a desk. Sometimes there are medals, ribbons and badges too. At other times, people may even choose to give certificate award trophies. Then there are awards for religious services too. Sometimes, people may choose an award trophy in the form of a photo frame too. Whatever the award may be in, it is important that it commemorates effectively the achievement for which it has been awarded. Mostly, there is room for the person’s name to be engraved along with a date or dates, so that it is a pleasant memory forever. The point of the award trophies is that they must look attractive and should not be frivolous. The person who receives the awards trophies should be ever proud of displaying them. Most importantly, the awards trophies should be designed with the gravity of the situation in mind.

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