Who is not acquainted with the term ‘award’ and ‘trophy’? Every one of us has at some point of our lives won an award or two for some achievements. An achievement is never less. This is equally true for an award, as well. However, every trophy is an award, but every award might not be a trophy. Trophies are a particular kind of awards that are given in a sports and athletic event to an individual or a group of players or a club. The organizers have to arrange trophies on such occasions for different categories of awards. Grand competitions and sports events center round an iconic trophy. Such Sydney Awards and Trophies need to be special.

business award trophies When you receive an award you do not judge it by its quality or cost. It means a lot to you because you earn it by your talent and hard work. So, an award is an object that is given to you as a token of recognition of your performance or your achievement. Taken this into consideration anything given in respect of some achievement is an award. However, on formal occasions, for example, in a tournament or competition a specialized trophy is given to felicitate the victory of an individual participant or a group of contestants. Such a trophy represents the name of the tournament or the competition and the year of it. At times the name of the winning team is also inscribed on it. The companies that manufacture awards and trophies have come up with a range of beautifully crafted trophies that are apt for honoring victories on a special event

Enterprises that produce glittering trophies generally remain in the background. Winners love to, possess their trophies, but the designers of these remain unacknowledged. These trophy production houses remain happy receiving the price for their creations that brighten the showcases of renowned clubs and celebrated personalities of the world.

The culture of offering awards has moved a long way from the ancient tradition of crowns of olive leaves and bouquets of flowers which were the traditional awards given to the first and second position winners at the Olympics. Trophies have come to add a new dimension to the awards that are offered to commendable performers.

The recipients of these lovely trophies love these because these are tangible and concrete objects and, therefore, can be preserved for ages to come. There are internationally famous companies that design and produce trophies and awards for prestigious award ceremonies such as the Academy Awards, the Grammys, the Bookers’ and other such heart winning celebrations across the world. Any such grand prestigious occasion demand a fitting trophy to suit its grandeur. Therefore, specialist trophies are designed and carved to commemorate these occasions every year. A trophy is not a product of mass production. They are created in a few numbers to meet the specialized requirements of special ceremonies.

An award trophies is always unique. This shows the amount of creativity and imagination put together to craft a trophy, Or as an example, even designing a medal or a memento that are awarded to the achievers in the field of work of art and education.

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