A Trophy is considered as a type of souvenir for specific achievements. When these trophies are handed out in the form of awards to people they are known as award trophies. Now, an award trophy can be made keeping in mind various events and achievements such as social achievements, heroic achievements, corporate achievements, sporting events, cultural events, etc. For instance, the prestigious Oscar award trophy is given to actors, directors, and all other people involved in the movie making business. On the other hand, a trophy for a heroic achievement is usually given by the government to firemen, policemen, and people of similar profession for their courageous acts. In the same way, big organizations give away trophies as recognition of the great work done by the employees.

Nowadays, you will come across various companies or organizations that are committed to wards the creation of awards and trophies. So, obviously, you will find various designs, shapes, and colors. The best part is that most of these trophies can be customized based on your liking. Therefore, you can always take this opportunity to surprise your friends, family members, and business associates by giving an award trophy they never thought of. Make no mistake; they will definitely appreciate it and your gesture for a long time.

Now, award trophies for sporting excellence are still considered the most popular form. These trophies act as perfect motivational tools for sports professionals all over the world. From the grass root level to the highest level, trophies appreciate an athlete’s ability, and serve as a great inspiration for reaching the next level. In fact, they are the ultimate inspiration and goal of any sports professional. For instance, it becomes the dream of any football loving nation to win the Football World Cup again and again. It is a kind of dream which cannot be explained in words. Like many other sports, in football too the champion team retains the coveted trophy for four years. Although not as popular as football, the Cricket World Cup also has its own charm, and has witnessed numerous transformations or changes over the years.

Almost all the awards trophies distributed in tennis are also quite popular and they carry a rich history with them at the same time. Take for instance Wimbledon. It is the ultimate grass court tennis tournament with years of history behind it. And Wimbledon Trophy is one of the most wonderful piece of creation in the world. Another Grand Slam Tournaments of tennis with gorgeous trophies are the Australian Open, U.S. Open, and the French Open. However, in this context, it’s important to mention that all trophies for small tournaments of tennis, cricket, football, and golf are also equally beautiful going by their own standards. These trophies are made of various metals, and include different designs. Tournaments with wealthier sponsorships invariably have silver and gold trophies decorated with diamonds and other precious stones. On the other hand, some of the lesser important sports tournaments use plastic, wood, acrylic, pewter, and crystal for their trophies.

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