How to define the award trophies?

The trophies get defined as a reward which is meant to be shared for some special achievements and will be served as a form of evidence or recognition for some specific occasions. Often trophies get awarded for sports that can be ranging from the youth level to professional athletics. What is more interesting is that many sports get conducted where the athlete gets felicitated with rings or medals so as to acknowledge their performance and encourage for betterment.

What is the origination of award trophies?

Originally trophies got derived ‘Tropaion’, a Greek term where it referred to as standards or arms, a body part, human captives or some other properties which get captured during a battle. Initially its concept came when the military victories get commemorated with the award trophies in some individual combat, state or army.

Etymology about the trophies:

Since the ancient days, trophies remarkably have marked victories. During the year 1550, first it got coined in English and during 1513 got derived from Trophee a French term which meant ‘prize of war’. During the ancient times at Greece, trophies got introduced in the battle field for some victorious battles from standards and captured arms where to resemble the warrior, some body parts got hung into some trees. Often, such trophies got introduced to inscribe about the battle story and got dedicated to their Gods. The trophies which got introduced to mark the naval victories at times includes an entire ship within it or just the remaining of such which got laid on the beach after a battle or war. And if anybody wanted to destroy it, it would be considered as a form of sacrilege.

The Romans in their ancient days used to preserve their trophies all at home. They used to make some of the most magnificent trophies which even include arches and columns atop some kinds of foundations. But the worst part is that once the adorned stone trophies that where built as stone memorials got stolen long back.

Some words of History:

During the days, the Olympic winners did not receive anything apart from the laurel wreaths. But later they also got an Amphora consisting of sacred olive oils. But in the local games, the winners used to receive a lot many things from the several diversified trophies to even shields. On the other hand, Rome used to give its winners money as a token of award to acknowledge their winning and victory and this got continued till the year 1600. Later a diversification got introduced in terms of giving awards trophies as to mark their skill with separate set of acknowledgement and as a pose of pat to their victory.

Thus is a short story about the key word. Nowadays, the trophies has become much more cheaper and thus to mark the skill of some individual, companies, colleges and even schools have started showing their encouragement towards them with their token of cheering.

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